The Embrace of Tranquility

Do creatures from primordial times hold enlightenment in their grasp?

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2007

Koala Jo Publishing today announced the release of its title, KOALAS: ZEN IN FUR, edited by Joanne Ehrich. Drawn from what ALA Booklist has named “the best collection of koala images available,” KOALAS: ZEN IN FUR consists of 320 photographs, most of them previously unpublished, accompanied by descriptions of Australia’s most beloved native, its characteristics and its personality.

This enchanting book also gives a clear image of the koala’s secure place in the hearts of people all over the world. Photographers from many nations contributed the pictures that grace these pages, showing loving views of koalas in all sorts of poses as they cling to strangers with an easy grace, sleep in seemingly impossible roosts, cuddle their babies, and simply respond to the world around them with endearing innocence.

“Like a walk in the forest, the pages of this book bring us into the world of koalas. We see them at rest, at play, nurturing their young, dining on eucalyptus — most of all we are able to see the presence, groundedness and openness in their expression.

“A welcome balance of facts, insights, and images brings an understanding of the nature and habits of koalas–but it goes much further. It awakens an emotional connection even for those of us who have never felt the softness of their fur or watched them revel in a meal of tender leaves.

“Most important this book reminds us of our spiritual connection to the koala. In the directness of their gaze, the simplicity of their lives, and the gentleness of their actions we find a model for how and who we wish to be in the world.”
–Jan Allegretti, Author, The Complete Holistic Dog Book, Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions

Each copy of this book contributes to Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Hospital for the preservation of the koala and other Australian creatures under threat.

About the Editor:
Illustrator and editor Joanne Ehrich lives in San Mateo, California, USA, where she works as a graphic designer, with emphasis on print-, Web- and user-interface design, and as an illustrator. She has attended photography trade school and holds a university degree in printmaking. Joanne has created numerous etchings, lithographs and monotype prints, as well as paintings of animals and landscapes.

Order Information: KOALAS: ZEN IN FUR, by Joanne Ehrich; 978-0-9764698-5-8; softcover, 96 Pages; 320 Photographs; Category: Photography/ Nature & Wildlife; June 01, 2007; $37.99 USD; Koala Jo Publishing, San Mateo, CA; Distributed to the trade by Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Blackwells and S&B Books wholesalers. For international and online orders please visit


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