May 13, 2007 – NEWS Release

A Celebration of Life
Lush color photographs in KOALAS: ZEN IN FUR show the very special relationship between koala mothers and their young. Mother’s Day isn’t just for humans—animal mothers show great devotion, too.

Mother’s Day isn’t just for humans — animal mothers show great devotion, too. Everyone knows about the fierce protectiveness of the mother bear for her cubs, and the devotion of mother birds sitting on a nest for days and days to hatch their eggs. Fuzzy ducklings trailing after their mothers on the way to water for their first swimming lesson are adorable to watch. And mother rabbits take the hair from their own bodies to make soft cozy nests for their babies.

Less familiar, but no less devoted, is the mother koala, who gives birth to a baby that is both blind and hairless. The baby reaches her pouch and remains there for six months as its mother climbs trees, finds food, and wanders the bush in search of fresh eucalyptus leaves to eat. When the baby, or joey, is old enough, it crawls out of her pouch to be carried around on her back as she goes about the necessary business of feeding herself and her little one.

Koalas: Zen in Fur, by Joanne Ehrich (Koala Jo Publishing), is a very special book. Full-color photographs depicting a bright-eyed baby koala peering at the world from its mother’s back or over the top of her head charm the most blasé reader. Other magnificent photos that show the mother koala cradling her baby as they sleep in trees or simply enjoy one another’s company offer a time-stopping look at motherly concern and gentleness. A mother koala carries her baby on her back for a year, perhaps longer, and sometimes the baby is almost as large as its mother by the time it leaves her to begin life on its own. But before that, the care and attention lavished on the little one by its mother is enough to soften the most hardened of hearts.

What better way to remember all the care and love your mother gave you than to present her with a book that lets her know you realize how very elemental and vital that love was to you?

Also shown are charming views of koalas sleeping, eating, walking, climbing, and gazing with evident wonder at the world around them. The pictures are magnificent, and come from koala-loving photographers the world over.

If Mom is into cooking, you can give her a copy of Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat, which offers delightful recipes ranging from pancakes to pizza, cupcakes to cookies — all in the shape of, or decorated with, koalas. Accompanied by appetizing color photographs that show the finished dishes, this book gives plenty of chances for mother and child to work together in the kitchen to make something that will bring out the child in everyone — besides being good to eat. Not just good to look at, these recipes range from child-friendly to chef-challenging — with your imagination the only limit.

Another special title from Koala Jo Publishing is Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings, perfect for mothers to share with their children. Accompanied by full-color illustrations created by editor and artist Joanne Ehrich and the young students of the Central Ohio Art Academy under the direction of founder Donna Boiman, this book offers children and adults an introduction to the Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigine people through tales about the koala. Author and artist royalties benefit the Australian Wildlife Hospital, founded in memory of Steve Irwin’s mother Lyn; the Hospital is a major project of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.

Also available from Koala Jo Publishing are Klassic Koalas: Mr. Douglas’ Koalas and the Stars of Qantas and Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom. Either of these will cheer Mom with their charming pictures, glimpses into the past, and both wise and humorous sayings.

Remember Mom with a gift from Koala Jo Publishing.

Order Information: Koalas: Zen in Fur, by Joanne Ehrich; ISBN: 978-0-9764698-5-8; softcover, 96 Pages; 320 Photographs; Category: Photography/ Nature & Wildlife; June 01, 2007; $37.99 USD; Koala Jo Publishing, San Mateo, CA; Distributed to the trade by Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Blackwells, and S&B Books wholesalers. For international and online orders please visit


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